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Condition monitoring

Insights based on actual data

Get an optimized service plan for your rotating equipment based on actual data from sensors, monitoring critical components or process parameters. Algorithms developed by our leading experts analyze specific vibration patterns in order to provide relevant reports with key recommendations. It ensures that your equipment is performing as it should and enables you to plan your maintenance.

Service when necessary

Service intervals can be optimized by performing service at the right time, based on the actual condition of the equipment rather than based on a fixed time interval. This often means prolonged service intervals.

Condition monitoring is particularly recommended when service intervals are difficult to predict, when the costs are high due to lack of trained personnel and when separation is a critical part of the process.

Online Service

When choosing the online service, you receive frequent reports based on extensive and continuous vibration data analysis. And to help you sleep at night, alarm reports ensure that you are notified instantly should components fail or other issues with your equipment arise.

Offline service

The off-line service uses a portable device to download information at a specific moment in time.

How it works

Our experts:

  • Collect vibration data – onsite or online
  • Analyze the collected data, either locally or centrally for a more detailed analysis
  • Determine what type of service is required and when to perform it based on actual data
  • Provide an optimized service plan for rotating equipment


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