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Alfa Laval’s comprehensive service offering can assist you in maintaining and optimizing your decanter centrifuge as your operations develop and change over time.

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Alfa Laval ALDEC Decanter Product Leaflet.pdf Alfa Laval ALDEC Decanter Product Leaflet

2018-06-18 544 kB

Alfa Laval ALDEC G3 Decanter Product Leaflet.pdf Alfa Laval ALDEC G3 Decanter Product Leaflet

2018-06-18 1388 kB

Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuge Operating Principles.pdf Understand how a decanter centrifuge work.

2018-06-18 924 kB

Alfa Laval Decanter Centrifuge Safety Instructions.pdf Read these safety instructions and this manual carefully before attempting to start, operate or service the decanter.

2018-06-18 250 kB

Alfa Laval Decanter Maintenance Training Presentation.pdf An overview of training courses, benefits, optimal time for training, customer cases and frequently asked questions related to decanter maintenance training.

2018-06-18 357 kB

Alfa Laval Decanter Power Plates Product Leaflet.pdf Reduce the power consumption of your decanters. See the range of Alfa Laval decanters Power Plates can be installed on, and 2 case studies.

2018-06-18 197 kB

Alfa Laval Decanter Preventive Maintenance Presentation.pdf Offering description of decanter preventive maintenance services, benefits, optimal time for using preventive maintenance, customer cases and frequently asked questions.

2018-06-18 401 kB

Alfa Laval Decanter Processing Training Presentation.pdf Offering description of wasterwater decanter process training services, benefits, optimal time for using processing training, customer cases and frequently asked questions.

2018-06-18 384 kB

Alfa Laval Decanter Service Kit Presentation.pdf Decanter service kit description, benefits, optimal time for using it, customer cases and frequently asked questions.

2018-06-18 308 kB

Alfa Laval Decanter Service Tool Presentation.pdf Decanter service tool description, benefits, optimal time for using it, customer cases and frequently asked questions.

2018-06-18 325 kB

Alfa Laval Decanter Upgrade Presentation.pdf Decanter upgrade description, benefits, optimal time for upgrade, customer cases and frequently asked questions.

2018-06-18 343 kB

Alfa Laval i-DW decanter centrifuge product leaflet.pdf Alfa Laval i-DW decanter centrifuge product leaflet

2018-06-18 347 kB

Alfa Laval PANX palm oil decanter centrifuge product leaflet.pdf Alfa Laval PANX range of decanters are high-performance 3-phase decanters centrifuges for crude palm oil.

2018-06-18 1411 kB

Alfa Laval Sigma Range Olive Oil Decanter Centrifuge.pdf Alfa Laval Sigma Range Olive Oil Decanter Centrifuge

2018-06-18 4147 kB

LYNX 1000 - Drilling mud decanter.pdf

2018-06-18 79 kB

LYNX 35 for slop oil treatment PEE00105EN.pdf

2018-06-18 58 kB

LYNX 430 Decanter centrifuge for cost-effective slop oil treatment.pdf

2018-06-18 341 kB

LYNX 730 product leaflet.pdf

2018-06-18 711 kB

P1 product leaflet.pdf

2018-06-18 757 kB


2018-06-18 2106 kB

P3 product leaflet.pdf P3 product leaflet

2018-06-18 443 kB

Product_Leaflet_CDNX_range_EN.pdf CDNX range - Product leaflet

2018-06-18 655 kB

SG2 decanter centrifuge range PPI00109EN.pdf

2018-06-18 2364 kB

STNX decanter centrifuge.pdf

2018-06-18 485 kB

WS 10 20 30 EFU00029EN.pdf

2018-06-18 1410 kB

WS 40 60 EFU00030EN.pdf

2018-06-18 3816 kB

X-series decanters PFT00316EN.pdf

2018-06-18 288 kB
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Decanter centrifuge troubleshooting

No matter what the cause, if a problem arises related to Alfa Laval equipment, Alfa Laval troubleshooters will get to the bottom of it and prevent future hold-ups.

Alfa Laval has more than 100 years of decanter centrifuge experience, which gives our troubleshooters a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips.

Who are Alfa Laval troubleshooters? Not everyone can work with decanter centrifuge troubleshooting at Alfa Laval. In order to qualify, a troubleshooter must possess:

  • In-depth product knowledge
  • Customer process understanding
  • Practical experience
  • Theoretical knowledge
  • Material knowledge
  • Automation know-how

Alfa Laval Remote Guidance can be a supplement to the existing way of delivering service to you at site. With our tool and process, our field service engineers and product experts can establish a merged reality via a video link sent to your mobile device on site. 

Check out Alfa Laval's Connected IoT Services, which provides the fastest solution for decanter centrifuge troubleshooting, process optimization and predictive maintenance. 

Connected services for food and beverage decanters  Connected services for wastewater decanters

Contact your local sales company to get troubleshooting assistance 

Inside a decanter

Decanter centrifuge training

Skills and Knowledge Empower

When you buy Alfa Laval equipment, you buy peace of mind. But you must also rely on your equipment operators to get the job done. That's why competence development is invaluable to your everyday operations.

The more effectively your operators work with your Alfa Laval decanter centrifuge, the higher its reliability and the lower the costs of ownership.

Alfa Laval offers a broad range of decanter centrifuge training courses with a balanced mix of hands-on and theoretical training. The decanter centrifuge training programmes can focus on a particular product, industry and/or application. Tailor-made training can be offered based on your specific training needs for most industries. In some cases, e-Learning (self-study and webinars) is available, which is a fast, cost-efficient way to learn.

Contact us to learn more about decanter centrifuge training opportunities near you.

Explore maintenance training  Explore wastewater process training


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Global Test & Innovation Centre for Decanters

In our new Test & Innovation Centre we develop, test and optimize the next generation of decanters in a controlled environment. The centre is our global knowledge hub for Food & Water applications. The centre is located at Alfa Laval’s site in Søborg, Copenhagen, and currently covers an initial 2,000 square metres.

Read more about our decanter centrifuge innovation centre

Contact your local sales company to learn more about training opportunities

Decanter Test Centre two decanter and tanks

Spare parts

Spare Kits

Alfa Laval has Service Kits for planned maintenance, which have been developed based on years of experience. These include all the genuine spare parts required for a specific decanter service. Alfa Laval ensures that the kits contain the most up-to-date spare parts to ensure your equipment uses the latest technology available.

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Spare Tools

Specially developed Service Tools protect decanters from faulty service and maximize performance.

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Contact your local sales company for spare parts


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Service Offerings

With an Alfa Laval Service Agreement, you ensure outstanding performance from your Alfa Laval decanter and minimal total cost of ownership. Tailored to your priorities and requirements, a Service Agreement is the ideal maintenance solution from the original manufacturer of your equipment.

Performance Audit - Decanter Centrifuge Optimization & Cost Savings

Extend your decanter capability with an Alfa Laval Performance Audit to get decanter centrifuge optimization and cost-savings. With an Alfa Laval Performance Audit, our global service and support experts help you get the best performance from your equipment.

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Preventive Maintenance for Decanters

To keep a decanter working efficiently, a comprehensive preventive maintenance programme, tailored to meet specific customer requirements and budget, is the best choice.

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Equipment Upgrades for Decanters

Improve decanter availability, process and performance by upgrading your decanter. Experience increased capacity, efficient operation, lower operating costs and longer service intervals.

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Connected Services

Over the last 30 years, the internet has revolutionized the way humans interact. The interconnection of machines, sensors and various digital systems, commonly referred to as the internet of things (IoT), brings completely new possibilities to increase efficiency and add value for customers. Alfa Laval is taking an active part in this development in food processing and wastewater treatment.