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Jogurta un kultivēta piena ražošana

Jogurta un kultivētie piena dzērieni veido aptuveni 20% no piena produktu patēriņa pasaules mērogā. Tā ir produktu kategorija, kas izvirza augstas prasības attiecībā uz higiēnisko apstrādi un siltuma pārneses veiktspēju. Šos piena produktus parasti ražo nepārtrauktos partijas procesos, kur būtiska nozīme ir efektīvām pārejām. Alfa Laval higiēnisko sastāvdaļu klāsts un apjoms palīdz pārstrādātājiem izveidot efektīvus piena ražošanas procesus ar visaugstākajiem higiēnas standartiem.

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On the pulse of yogurt and cultured milk processing

Fermenting milk into yogurt and cultured milk products is an age-old tradition that was once a simple process. Today’s commercial processes, however, are much more complex and challenging. With consumer demand high, batch sizes as well as the variety and flavours of products have increased considerably. To ensure plant productivity, there are various aspects to take into consideration – from gentle handling of ingredients to enhance taste, texture, aroma, appearance and shelf life to hygiene, energy efficiency and plant optimization.

Alfa Laval has broad knowledge and expertise as well as a wide range of hygienic, easy-to-clean equipment for yogurt and cultured milk processing. Thoughtfully engineered, Alfa Laval heat exchangers deliver precisely controlled temperatures for optimal temperatures throughout fermentation process while our energy-efficient pumps and agitators are capable of gently handling large volumes of fermented milk with very low shear stress. This enables yogurt and cultured milk producers to get the most from raw materials, save energy and minimize the risk of contamination while enjoying total peace of mind.

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