Alus un sidra ražošana

Alus gatavošana ir sarežģīts amatnieku, tehnoloģiju un amatnieku sajaukums. Tā sakņojas spēcīgās vēsturiskajās un kultūras tradīcijās, kas apvienotas ar grūtībām jauniem, novatoriskiem produktu veidiem, un bieži vien paver ceļu uz priekšu, izmantojot visprogresīvākās procesu tehnoloģijas.

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The efficiency of these brewing and fermentation processes is crucial for ensuring commercial success in a highly competitive and diverse business.

At the same time, it is vital that producers comply with increasingly stringent legislative requirements and are able to deal with continually rising energy costs.

In addition, brewing processes must be sufficiently agile to respond to changing patterns of demand and consumer preferences for stalwart global brands as well as seasonal product offerings.

Alfa Laval is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of specialist process equipment. We work at the cutting edge of virtually all the technologies widely used in brewing. The solutions we provide are based on the most advanced technologies and operating practices currently available, all tuned to deliver premium results.

Creating more – using less

Brewing uses simple, natural ingredients and inputs to produce remarkable results. Different producers have different ways of doing it, of course. And they use a vast range of different equipment.

Alfa Laval provides a wide portfolio of resource-efficient systems and technologies designed to make the brewing set-up cleaner and more sustainable.

Learn about our systems and technologies that can enable breweries to tweak their delicate production balances, making it possible to boost yields and product quality while using less water, less energy and fewer resources of all kinds.

Iso-Mix rotary jet mixing technology -- Brewmasters experiences (Carlsberg + Royal Unibrew)